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Where’s Stitch?: When You’ve Lost Your Best Furry Friend



Stitch loved to run and play and was always up for adventure. Mamaw, Poppa, and all the children would often ask, “Where’s Stitch?” Sometimes she could be found swimming in the pond with the horses, sitting by the fire with Mamaw, or taking a nap on the porch. But then Stitch grew older and became sick. When she passes away, the children wonder where she went.

Mamaw and Poppa try to explain. While some people say dogs cross the rainbow bridge or go to doggie heaven, they reassure the children that no matter where Stitch has gone, she left them with memories they will never forget and taught them to be kind, to play, and to always love others.

Mark Gregston’s Where’s Stitch? is a beautiful reminder that even after we lose our best furry friends, they live forever in our hearts.

Format: Hardcover – Picture Book