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The Phenomenon of Cutting



After working with troubled adolescents for years, I’ll still never forget the first time that I encountered a teen who was actively cutting.

At first I was confused about what was going on. As time when on, we learned more and more about the issue at hand.

You see, kids that cut themselves come from all walks of life, from all backgrounds and every type of family you can think of.

This issue has become more and more prevalent among our teens and finding a kid who cuts is sadly pretty common.

So what are we as parents to do? That’s what I’ll help you figure out in this booklet, The Phenomenon of Cutting.

This resource will help you begin to understand the mindset for teens who resort to cutting, the different types of cutters, and how you as a parent can help your teen in this difficult time. This book will also help you:

  • Look beyond behavior to the heart of your teen and the root issue for their cutting
  • Understand common root issues for their behavior
  • Support your teen in positive changes and coping skills
  • Make the cutting stop with practical steps and application points