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Helping Teens Work Through Grief

When teens push down deep wounds, such as grief and low self-worth, those repressed emotions will eventually explode — often in very unhealthy ways. In this episode, Mark Gregston chats with a couple of teens who are Heartlight residents, including one young lady who lost her father in a brutally traumatic way and struggled to process her grief and heartbreak on her own. At Heartlight, she was able to transform her pain and anger into hope, so don’t miss her story!  

For more insight on why your teen might be acting out, read Mark’s article, ‘Misbehavior Can Be Sparked By Loss,’ at

Author: Mark Gregston

Mark Gregston began working with teens more than 40 years ago as a youth minister and Young Life director. He has authored nearly two dozen books, has written hundreds of articles, and is host of the nationally-acclaimed Parenting Today’s Teens podcast and radio broadcast.