Get Help

Is your teen in the middle of a downward spiral, and you’re not sure what to do next? Let Mark Gregston and our team of experienced counselors help guide you in the right direction with personalized phone counseling or a weekend retreat designed to equip you as a parent to get your teen back on the right track.

Phone Counseling

Our Crisis Coaching Program gives parents the opportunity to speak directly with counseling professionals—also known as our Crisis Coaches.

Over the phone, from wherever you’re located, they’ll assess your family’s situation, coach you on how to handle it, and offer proven parenting techniques.

Families in Crisis Conferences

If your teen is caught in a downward spiral, then you must act now. That’s why we developed the 3-day Families in Crisis Conference. It is designed to provide the parents of difficult teens many of the skills we teach our own staff. Come learn how to get your teen on the right path in life by behavior expert and Heartlight founder, Mark Gregston. You’ll learn everything you need to know to parent a rebellious or misbehaving teen in a totally new and more effective way.

Tough Guys and Drama QueensFree online course: Tough Guys and Drama Queens

This free two-week online course will help you to parent your teen in a counter-cultural way. You will  walk through topics like appearance, performance, authority and respect, setting boundaries, and many more.

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