Quit Rescuing Your Teen


When teens find themselves dealing with the consequences of a mistake, parents are often quick to swoop in and save the day.  This act of heroism, though, is usually more harmful than not.  Today on Parenting Today’s Teens, Mark Gregston helps parents recognize when their teen needs rescuing … and when to leave the superhero cape at home.  Join us for the eye-opening discussion on Parenting Today’s Teens with Mark Gregston!

This weekend, Mark is finishing up a Families in Crisis Conference in Longview, Texas.  It’s been a wonderful weekend of helping parents plow through the difficulties they’re experiencing with their teens.   If you’d like to check this event out, there is another Families in Crisis Conference coming up April 3rd – 5th.   To find out more, please visit www.familycrisisconference.com or call 903.668.2173.

Tough Guys and Drama QueensFree online course: Tough Guys and Drama Queens

This free two-week online course will help you to parent your teen in a counter-cultural way. You will  walk through topics like appearance, performance, authority and respect, setting boundaries, and many more.

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