Pushing People Away with Anger


One minute, your son is as docile as a lamb. The next minute, he’s boiling over with rage. Is it just a case of teenage hormones … or is there something else going on? Today on Parenting Today’s Teens, Mark Gregston encourages parents to seek out what’s really behind their teen’s anger.

Have you ever thought of leading a small group of parents who have teens?  There’s more of a need than you think.  And you just might be the one to organize and lead this group in your church or community.   Mark has developed a new curriculum “Tough Guys & Drama Queens” for small groups and guarantees that your participants will love the DVD’s and workbooks.  To order your small group curriculum, please visit click here to purchase.

Tough Guys and Drama QueensFree online course: Tough Guys and Drama Queens

This free two-week online course will help you to parent your teen in a counter-cultural way. You will  walk through topics like appearance, performance, authority and respect, setting boundaries, and many more.

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