Staying Ahead of the Turbulence

I’m blessed to work with teens and their families.  It’s taught me more about parenting and how teens think today than I could have learned any other way.  All parents have to go through the sometimes bumpy teen years. There’s no way around it.  So, in the dawning days of adolescence they often ask me, “How can I get ready for the turbulence ahead?”


To answer that question for as many people as possible, I’m embarking on a speaking and teaching tour that I hope will be a life-changing event for the parents who attend.  We’re calling it Turbulence Ahead – Parenting Teens Through the Bumpy Years. My goal for these Friday, or Friday and Saturday, events is to help parents raise truly great kids, and to also bring transformation and healing to families who are hurting right now.  The first event is this weekend, September 25-26, in Tulsa.  Visit www.turbulenceahead.org to learn more. Continue reading “Staying Ahead of the Turbulence”