Girls Who Act Out Sexually


These days, girls are being exposed to promiscuity at a younger age than ever before. So how should parents react if they discover their teen is sexually active? This weekend on Parenting Today’s Teens, Mark Gregston explores the motives behind sexual behavior, and equips parents to respond appropriately.

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Teenage Girls and Inappropriate Behavior

Here’s a question I received this week from an assistant principal of a Christian high school who is struggling with a student displaying inappropriate sexual advances to the boys in her school.  His question is followed by my advice.

Dear Mark,

I am looking for resources, articles, books, counseling ideas for situations that we are dealing with at our school.

For instance, we have a fifteen-year-old young lady who struggles with attraction to boys that ends up in inappropriate behavior.  She asked for help after she was caught kissing boys on the bus and in the band hall.  She says she is overly-interested in male attention.

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