Hope for Healing

teenSome time ago we remodeled our home.  A project that was to last 6 months went on for nearly 30 months and the costs soared.  Throughout the project we met workers that did a great job, but others who took advantage of us.  They lied to us, conned us, made horrendous mistakes, broke promises, and caused much pain and hardship.

I asked a number of questions throughout the project…questions like:  “Why in the world does this need to be done this way?” or “I thought we had planned for that?” and ultimately, “Why has something that was supposed to be so quick and easy, now become so drawn out and hard…will it ever end?”  Sound familiar?

Maybe your relationship with your teenager feels like my home remodeling project.  Perhaps what you thought would be a momentary struggle has turned into open wound that won’t heal.  Maybe your plans for your teen are seemingly going awry, and they are lying, conning you, and making horrible mistakes.  If so, I want to challenge you to a different perspective. Continue reading “Hope for Healing”