Independence Day Getting Later for Today’s Teens

teenThe definition of “independence” is different for the 18-year-olds of today. Fact is, fewer work or go on to college right out of high school.  More remain dependent on Mom and Dad, who house and support them for longer than parents have done so in the past.  Independence day for these kids seems to be coming later and later in life.

These kids aren’t all selfish, immature, and overly-dependent. But what I do see is a generation that seems to be taking longer to grow up, and doesn’t mind living off of Mom and Dad for as long as they are able. Somewhere between my generation — where we couldn’t wait to get out of of our parent’s house — and this generation that seems content to remain at home,  there’s been a definite shift in what kids consider to be “independence.” Continue reading “Independence Day Getting Later for Today’s Teens”

Teens Can Be Cooler Online

internet2.gifOnline networking sites offer teens a place to post videos, music, images, comments, thoughts, and wallpaper in any form they want. They can express whatever they want to whomever they want. They can invite people into their “home,” and limit who enters their “home.” They present themselves as they want to be presented. They form groups, develop a base of friends, and find things in common with complete strangers. Continue reading “Teens Can Be Cooler Online”