Apathy in Teens

Guest: Dee Dee Mayer

While some teens are experts in emotions, other kids seem to have lost all sense of care or concern. On today’s edition of Parenting Today’s Teens, Mark Gregston looks to Heartlight student Riley for clues to the cause of teen apathy. Then, Dee Dee Mayer shares practical tips for shaking an apathetic teen out of his “I don’t care” attitude.

Common Mistakes Parents Make

Guest: Kristen Cummins

Do you keep your teen on a tight leash? Is your schedule so packed that you don’t have time to spend together? These mistakes may be easy to make, but their consequences are hard to undo. This weekend on Parenting Today’s Teens, Mark Gregston identifies five of the most common parenting problems—and how to avoid them.

There’s No Pain Like Family Pain

Guest: Mike Fabarez

Have family issues brought you to the end of your rope? Do interactions with your teenager leave you feeling worn out, spent, and overwhelmed? This weekend on Parenting Today’s Teens, Mark Gregston shares biblical hope and practical tips for dealing with the pain.