Reconnecting the Disconnected Relationships at Home

by Mark Gregston

Recently at Heartlight, we received a letter from a frustrated mom that read: My family sits down to dinner and no one talks—instead, they spend dinner time checking their phones or sitting in silence.  Help!  What can I do? 

Does this mom’s dilemma sound all too familiar in your household, too? 

Well, it’s a known fact that families ebb and flow through seasons and stages of life, but if your family is spending time together without engaging one another, then you can cue Tom Hanks: Houston, we have a problem. Continue reading “Reconnecting the Disconnected Relationships at Home”

Creating a Positive Atmosphere in a Negative World

by Mark Gregston

In a time when it’s en vogue to rate everything—and everyone, and when filtering what comes out of our hearts and minds is discouraged, it can be difficult for teens to navigate the muddy waters of this negative world.  Our culture seems obsessed with telling it like it is and pointing out what’s wrong with the world—and the people who live in it.  Yet, research shows us that what we think has a powerful influence on how we feel—emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  And our thought life greatly influences how we behave. Continue reading “Creating a Positive Atmosphere in a Negative World”