Your Teen’s Emerging Identity


Has your teen suddenly started developing a unique sense of style or pursuing a surprising new hobby? These baffling changes are actually a good sign! Today on Parenting Today’s Teens, Mark Gregston sits down for a conversation with Dr. Shannae Anderson about setting healthy boundaries for your teen’s emerging identity.

Special guest: Dr. Shannae Anderson

If you’re looking for a program to send your struggling teens, please check out Heartlight at www.HeartlightMinistries.org.  Mark, and his wife, Jan began this program 25 years ago, and have seen unparalleled success in those who graduate.  Committed to excellence and dedicated to a relational approach, Heartlight offers help and hope to parents feeling they may lose their child if they don’t get help.

Overcoming the Effects of Today’s Culture


There’s no doubt that today’s culture is having a negative impact on our teens. But parents do have the power to counterbalance those effects at home! On this weekend edition of Parenting Today’s Teens, Mark Gregston outlines four practical steps to offset the harmful influence of today’s culture.

Overcoming the Effect of Today’s Culture is the title of this weekend’s Parenting Today’s Teens radio program.  Mark shares his thoughts after living with over 2,600 teens that are just like your kids.  To find out where you might find a radio station that carries this program, please visit www.ParentingTodaysTeens.org.

5 Keys to Loosening Your Grip


Many parents like to be in control of every aspect of their own lives—and the lives of their kids. But over-controlling parents have a proven track record of raising under-prepared teens. Today on Parenting Today’s Teens, special guest Chuck Swindoll joins Mark Gregston for a healthy conversation on giving up control.

This weekend, on Parenting Today’s Teens radio we’re broadcasting a very special program as our special guest is Chuck Swindoll. Chuck and Mark spend the entire program discussing “5 Keys to Loosening Your Parenting Grip”. Full of laughter and wisdom, the program was a highlight for Mark as Chuck has been a hero of his since his teenage years. Don’t miss this wonderful program!