Failed First Flights


Want To Know What You Can Do to Guarantee that Your Children Won’t Fall Prey to Drugs, Sex and Peer Pressure in the Teen Years?

I often talk to people who believe that teaching good values — taking their kids to church every time the doors are open, putting them in a religious school, and promoting family togetherness — will guarantee that all will be well in the teenage years. Like buying an insurance plan, they think that doing the right things will guarantee the right result.

Sticking with the insurance policy analogy, why do we buy insurance? To help protect us if any unforeseen incidents occur, right? Car insurance is to protect us from the actions of other drivers as well as our own mistakes. Health insurance is to take care of anything that can happen to damage or weaken our bodies.

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The Dream Teen

Is this what you dreamed?When we first hold our newborns, their whole life, all the possibilities, flash through our minds. 

Will she be a dancer?  Will he be a jock?  I want her to do this.  He needs to be like this.  As our children grow, we are able to live out those dreams for our children with them for a while.  Young children are only too happy to do what Mommy and Daddy ask.  Life is good.  Your family is just like you have always imagined.  Everybody has his or her script and is following along perfectly.  Continue reading “The Dream Teen”

What If Your Teenager is Pregnant?


If you ever get the news that your unmarried teenage daughter is pregnant, let me assure you of something…you will get through it, and God will honor His word to cause all things to work together for good. 

I’ve seen what many would think be the worst of situations turned into the most wonderful of opportunities.  Even though it isn’t what a parent would want, I’ve got to tell you…hearts turn, a teen matures in ways they would have never matured, and parents embrace their relationship with their daughter in ways they would have never thought possible.  Continue reading “What If Your Teenager is Pregnant?”

Tough Guys and Drama Queens

Tough Guys and Drama Queens

For almost 40 years, we’ve been passionate about guiding kids and parents through the turbulent teenage years. Tough Guys and Drama Queens has been a huge part of that mission, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer it now, to you, as a free online course!

This two-week course will give you a look into why traditional parenting techniques aren’t as effective as they used to be, the pressures they face in today’s culture, and how to build a stronger relationship with your teen throughout the tricky experiences they’ll have during these years.