Kids Under the Magnifying Glass

Pressures can be placed on the children of Christian leaders like pastors, missionaries and teachers such that they feel they are living “under a magnifying glass.”  These kids often don’t get the same room to make mistakes that other kids do.  It’s hard for them to feel that they can be authentic, for they always are on display.

I know that when my kids went to high school they faced a higher level of scrutiny from both teachers and peers.  Some people expected them to be perfect because of what their dad does for a living.  They weren’t perfect (but then neither am I!)  It put extra pressure on them, and that’s pretty common for any kid whose parents have a leadership position.  We worked hard to make sure they got the chance to go through the normal process and struggles of growing up, but some of the scrutiny simply cannot be avoided. Continue reading “Kids Under the Magnifying Glass”

Teen Girls in a Culture of Seduction

Teenagers today live in a world of seduction and permissiveness. Sexual images are everywhere, not just in an occasional movie or magazine.  Younger than ever, they are being torn between living a lifestyle that is deemed acceptable and desirable by their peer group, and doing what has been taught them by their families and church. More times than not, the pressure to “fit in” with their culture wins out when they are away from home.

While teens do understand and welcome (most of the time) their parent’s “messages” about modesty and abstinence, the overwhelming influence of their peers and their culture will dwarf those positive messages. They are feeling a pressure to give in and “belong” that you wouldn’t wish on anyone.  Easy access to pornography, the display of sexual images and themes across all forms of media, and the promotion of “alternative sexual lifestyles,” coupled with messages of instant gratification and a “do what you want” mentality, all set young girls up for a “fall.” By overexposure, they are being convinced that sex is as natural and healthy for them to participate in (before marriage) as breathing or eating, so it is simply no big deal. Continue reading “Teen Girls in a Culture of Seduction”

Why Teens Seek the Wrong Crowd

Does your teenager feel valued and significant in your home?  If not, they’ll look for value and acceptance somewhere else.  There are plenty of people who can make them feel valued, but mostly from the wrong crowd and with the wrong motives.

We parents do a ton of stuff for our kids, but what if they still don’t feel valued?  Should we do even more, or less?  Are we doing the right things, or all the wrong things?  How can we best instill value in our teenagers?  And why is that so important? Continue reading “Why Teens Seek the Wrong Crowd”