Kids Under the Magnifying Glass

Pressures can be placed on the children of Christian leaders like pastors, missionaries and teachers such that they feel they are living “under a magnifying glass.”  These kids often don’t get the same room to make mistakes that other kids do.  It’s hard for them to feel that they can be authentic, for they always are on display.

I know that when my kids went to high school they faced a higher level of scrutiny from both teachers and peers.  Some people expected them to be perfect because of what their dad does for a living.  They weren’t perfect (but then neither am I!)  It put extra pressure on them, and that’s pretty common for any kid whose parents have a leadership position.  We worked hard to make sure they got the chance to go through the normal process and struggles of growing up, but some of the scrutiny simply cannot be avoided. Continue reading “Kids Under the Magnifying Glass”

Teenagers Seeking Purpose

Teen helping needy child

You want your kids to fulfill every bit of their unique purpose in life. When you first hold your newborn, the future and its possibilities flash through your mind. Will she be a doctor? Will he be a lawyer? I want her to do well. I hope he is like his dad.

As your children grow, you are able to direct their dreams for a while. Life is good. Then something happens. All of a sudden, seemingly overnight, everything changes. The once amiable child is now a teenager and is no longer following your road map! He seems to have developed his own direction, forsaking what you had imagined for him. How did this happen?

As kids mature in the teen years, they begin searching on their own for meaning in life, a purpose for living, something that makes their life worth living. And that may not at all match what Mommy and Daddy thought it should be. Continue reading “Teenagers Seeking Purpose”