Teen Girls in a Culture of Seduction

Teenagers today live in a world of seduction and permissiveness. Sexual images are everywhere, not just in an occasional movie or magazine.  Younger than ever, they are being torn between living a lifestyle that is deemed acceptable and desirable by their peer group, and doing what has been taught them by their families and church. More times than not, the pressure to “fit in” with their culture wins out when they are away from home.

While teens do understand and welcome (most of the time) their parent’s “messages” about modesty and abstinence, the overwhelming influence of their peers and their culture will dwarf those positive messages. They are feeling a pressure to give in and “belong” that you wouldn’t wish on anyone.  Easy access to pornography, the display of sexual images and themes across all forms of media, and the promotion of “alternative sexual lifestyles,” coupled with messages of instant gratification and a “do what you want” mentality, all set young girls up for a “fall.” By overexposure, they are being convinced that sex is as natural and healthy for them to participate in (before marriage) as breathing or eating, so it is simply no big deal. Continue reading “Teen Girls in a Culture of Seduction”

Where Character Begins in Teens

There are few things in life that a Christian parent hopes for more than to pass on to their children the same principles and character values they live by.  But strong character isn’t automatic.  It takes a lot of intentional work by parents.  While physical traits are passed on from parents to children through their genes, character traits aren’t built into kids at birth.  And neither are they taught…they are most often “caught.”

Values don’t just appear when a teenager matures.  They come from the experiences each of us have in life and from observing those around us, especially our parents, who model them day in and day out in the way they live. Continue reading “Where Character Begins in Teens”

Connecting With Your Teen

Do You Know How to Really Connect with Your Teenage Son or Daughter?

Teens today are experts in the art of mass communications. They have every communications gadget imaginable and they communicate to friends and the whole world about things that might be better left unsaid. After all, does the world really need to know they just let their cat out, or brushed their teeth, or that they like to play Farmville for hours on end? I don’t think so, but they do.

This form of one-way communication, however, doesn’t mean that kids are connecting. It does little to develop meaningful personal relationships and the feeling of connectedness that all teens long for. The fast-paced culture in which they live is tough on their relationships. It confuses them more than anything, and it blocks the route to more meaningful communications, especially the kind of communication they need to have with their parents. Continue reading “Connecting With Your Teen”