Guardian Grandparents

teen and grandparentsI know how special grandchildren are. I have two young granddaughters, and my heart jumps a beat every time I get to see them. The relationship between a grandparent and grandchild is very special.

Grandparents can also have a strong positive influence on their grandchildren. One rather well known example is President Barack Obama, who lived with his grandparents for several years.  More and more I am hearing from grandparents who are raising their grandchildren in their home.  When birth-parents are no longer able to care for a child,  grandparents must sometimes fill the void and do double-duty as guardians, instead of letting their grandchild child enter foster care. Continue reading “Guardian Grandparents”

Confronting Inappropriate Teen Relationships

PARENT QUESTION: I suspect my teen is involved in inappropriate sexual activity.  Should I pry and spy into my teen’s privacy to find out for sure?

MARK’S ANSWER:  My answer is the same here as it is for any parent suspecting inappropriate behavior and poor decision-making in their teen – an unequivocal “Yes!”  And here’s how to deal with it…

Remember, for teens, violation of your family policies means automatic invasion of their privacy, until you are sure you know the whole truth.  While it is important to trust your teen, if you suspect something is happening and the warning signs are there, action is required.  Adolescents are capable of making poor choices, being deceived, and easily influenced in ways that could unravel your family forever. Continue reading “Confronting Inappropriate Teen Relationships”

Teens Can Be Cooler Online

internet2.gifOnline networking sites offer teens a place to post videos, music, images, comments, thoughts, and wallpaper in any form they want. They can express whatever they want to whomever they want. They can invite people into their “home,” and limit who enters their “home.” They present themselves as they want to be presented. They form groups, develop a base of friends, and find things in common with complete strangers. Continue reading “Teens Can Be Cooler Online”