Encouragement for Adoptive Parents

by Mark Gregston

Life is made of stories

Some of those stories have happy endings.  Some less so. 

Some stories involve people you never would have imagined coming into your life. But when someone adopts a child into their home and their heart, I think it’s a very cool thing to do.  I also think it paints a real-world picture of how we have been grafted into God’s family for everyone to see. 

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The Contrary Culture

by Mark Gregston

Do you know any parent that was excited to find that the relationship with their teen was becoming conflictive, contradictory, oppositional, or irreconcilable? Nope. No parent that I’ve ever met, but it happens all the time. Many parents who want a great connection with their child find that their relationship is becomes strained during the teen years. They begin to wonder what happened to the dreams and hopes and longings for the good things desired for their young daughter or son. As they handed coffee mugs and t-shirts that scream world’s greatest dad and world’s greatest mom who would have ever believed something that has been so good for so long could become so distant and detached. Especially after all those years of coaching soccer and baseball and ice hockey. 

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Performance-based Relationships (PART 2)

by Mark Gregston

You think parents want good things for the kids? Absolutely. I’m not implying that you should abandon your high expectations for your children or that you shouldn’t encourage them to be the best that they can be. Just be careful not to communicate that your love is conditional and assure them that you will always be there for them. 

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