#251 – Communicating With Teens

by Mark Gregston

August 3, 2020

Every parent of a teenager wants to build a strong line of communication with their teen. But sadly, the opposite is most often true. I’d like to share with you some simple tips to improve your communications with your teen.

You may wonder what the best timing is for building good lines of communication with your teen or pre-teen. That’s simple.  Do it NOW, before problems, struggles and difficulties begin. And never stop working at it, even when there is conflict. Continue reading “#251 – Communicating With Teens”

#250 – Dispensable Dads?

Societal trends to the contrary, fathers are foundational to families. 

by Mark Gregston

July 24, 2020

So why do we need fathers, anyway? This article continues where we left off in Part I on why dads are not “incidental” to parenting. In Part I we explored the importance of a dad to: (1) help cement a teen’s core identity, (2) encourage risk taking, (3) offer protection and safety, and (4) discipline differently.  

Here are three more ways that dads help mold healthy, happy children—and teens:  

1.  More than mother’s…dad’s help develop compassion in their kids 

There are many forces that help mold a child into a caring adult who knows how to empathize and care Continue reading “#250 – Dispensable Dads?”

#249 – 8 Keys to Better Communication with Your Teen

by Mark Gregston

July 22, 2020

People were made to communicate and be in fellowship with one another, so when our need to connect is stifled or lacking, it creates within us a longing to engage.  I can remember when I was a kid, I spent lots of time talking to my mom, but having conversations with my dad wasn’t the norm.  Now, that was partly due to the era and the way things were done back then, but not having that communication with him created a void in me that made me realize I not only wanted something different, but I wanted to do things differently, too. 

The way that today’s teen communicates may have changed—they may talk more with their thumbs, and less with their mouths—but it doesn’t mean they’re not interested in connecting with you.  Teens really do want parental involved in their lives; they just want it on their own terms.  So, Continue reading “#249 – 8 Keys to Better Communication with Your Teen”