Waiting for your Teen to Change

Student Story: Emily

with host Mark Gregston

Most parents have a list of changes they’d like to see implemented in their home and in their children’s behavior. But few moms and dads know how to turn those dreams into reality.

This weekend on Parenting Today’s Teens, Mark Gregston identifies four questions that parents need to answer in order to start making positive changes at home.

Journey to Genuineness

by Mark Gregston

Never did I think that I would be the executive director of a program for struggling teens called Heartlight. Well, we now have 60 kids living with us and we’ve lived with over 3,000 kids up to this point. Never was planned, never knew that it was coming. Never knew that that was on the horizon for me. Here I am on the other side of life where a lot of friends around me are retiring, but I’ve looked back at a lot of my time and a lot of the things that were discovered along the way on my journey. I would call it a journey to genuineness. 

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Privileges and Expectations for Teens

by Mark Gregston

If you’re too strict, or too controlling, you may have kids who behave … for now

But trust me, under their complementary and obedient exteriors, they’re feeling contemptuous and there will come a day when the tide will turn.  And if you don’t do something to change directions right now, I can guarantee the rebellion will come. 

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