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Parenting Today's Teens

Founded by parenting expert Mark Gregston, Parenting Today’s Teens is a nonprofit offering biblical insights and practical wisdom for families across the country.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to equip parents of teenagers with biblically-based resources, training and education that will create and encourage deeper and longer-lasting parent-teen relationships. We accomplish our mission through a variety of programs and initiatives.


Radio Programs recorded.


Stations throughout North America.


Annual calls from parents seeking help.


Teens have lived at Heartlight.


Weekly podcast downloads.

Our Programs

Heartlight Residential Counseling Center & Boarding School

Heartlight is the country’s premier residential counseling center and boarding school for struggling teens. We provide a safe haven for 65+ young men and women who need help getting their life in order. Since 1988, we have housed more than 3,000 teens at our residential counseling center in Longview, Texas.

Parenting Today’s Teens Radio Broadcast

The Parenting Today’s Teens with Mark Gregston radio program is heard on over 1,900 radio stations throughout North America in two formats. One is a daily short feature and the other is a 30-minute weekend program on a particular topic. Alongside his co-host, Wayne Shepherd, Mark offers help and hope, backed by 45 years of experience working with teens and their parents.

Podcasts with Mark Gregston

The Parenting Today’s Teens Podcast with Mark Gregston is a daily podcast that offers biblical insights and practical wisdom for parents wanting a deeper relationship with their teen.

I Mustache Mark a Question is a new podcast hosted by Mark Gregston, a parenting expert who has worked with teens and parents for over 45 years. In each episode, Mark addresses questions from you, the listener, and shares enlightening, up-to-date, practical parenting tips on a variety of topics.

Families in Crisis Conference

The bi-annual Families in Crisis conference is a 3-day experience designed for parents of difficult teens. We focus on providing parents with many of the practical skills that we teach our own staff. It is held in person at our conference center in Longview, Texas.

Nationwide Parenting Seminars

Mark spends most weekends speaking to churches and communities, helping parents put some new tools in the parenting toolbox, and helping moms and dads wade through the oftentimes turbulent waters of adolescence. Mark’s wit and wisdom gathered over his 45 years of working with teens and their families is communicated in an easy fun-loving presentation, where parents leave with a sense of hope and anticipation.

Crisis Coaching

When parents find themselves in a crisis and just need a little help getting through the “chaos of the moment”, Heartlight offers their counseling and experienced residential staff as a resource to help parent walk through their challenging times. This 4-week offering has a small charge, and gives the opportunity for parents to meet weekly with the Heartlight staff to strategize getting on the other side of their current crisis with their teen.

Support Our Mission By Donating

For more than 45 years, Mark Gregston has been working with teens and learning what works. Mark is on a mission to make the resources he’s created and accumulated for decades free for everyone to use and share. As our ministry continues to grow, so does the cost of making those resources free and available to people. Will you make a gift to help us reach more struggling parents with the tools they need to help their teens?